​SKILLS Unlimited Staffing

SKILLS Unlimited Staffing
is committed to total satisfaction and depend on communication to improve our service. 

Most candidates have the skills to perform the required job task but may not be a good fit in all organizations.
That is where our personal touch comes in to play.  We will listen to you and learn the type of candidate along with skill level to make that perfect fit. 

 SKILLS Unlimited Staffing screens each applicant and relieves the burden of staffing for our clients. Every associate at SKILLS Unlimited Staffing has been tested and personally interviewed.  We also perform reference checks to ensure you are getting a quality employee.  We listen to you and learn your environment to make a perfect fit not just a warm body.

 SKILLS Unlimited Staffing can check criminal background locally and nationally to ensure the integrity of our associates.

We work with our clients offering a competitive rate to stay within your budget. Call us and speak to a staffing professional to customize a plan for you.

​Our Temp-to-Hire conversion time allows our clients to try a candidate out before a commitment is made.  This helps ensure a perfect fit for both parties involved.  After the conversion time has been completed, the associate can transfer onto your payroll at no additional cost.
We offer an early buy out policy that is prorated over the course of the Temp-to-Hire process.

SKILLS Unlimited Staffing offers direct hire options and a guarantee.

SKILLS Unlimited Staffing can customize your reports and invoices to meet your needs.

At SKILLS Unlimited Staffing we are committed to a long and productive relationships!

Further information contact:

Sam Giglio- samg@skillsar.com